Post Thanksgiving Menu Plan

Thanksgiving Dinner 2012
It feels like it has been a long time since I've blogged, but that is because I was having such a fun and relaxing holiday.  We had an amazing Thanksgiving dinner thanks to my mother-in-law who was, as always, a wonderful hostess.  And I also had a perfect birthday date with my husband and a little party with the family.  All in all it was a pretty wonderful Thanksgiving/birthday weekend.

This week I am planning on doing some serious Christmas decorating.  The kids are so excited to pull out all of the Christmas boxes and get started!  We are also getting back into our school routine and that means planning meals again for me.  So here is our menu for this week.

Breakfast (waffles, yogurt, blueberries)
Lunch (peanut butter, banana and honey sandwiches, baby carrots)
Dinner (spaghetti chicken parmesan, tossed salad, bread)

Breakfast (scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, toast)
School Lunch (almond butter and jelly sandwich, pretzels, applesauce, carrot sticks, cookie)
School Snack (granola bar, apple slices)
Dinner (black bean and rice tacos, guacamole with chips, slow cooker bread pudding)

Breakfast (breakfast smoothie, whole wheat bagels)
Lunch (cheese and whole grain crackers, veggies with ranch dip, cookies)
Dinner (shepherd's pie, tossed salad)

Breakfast (strawberry banana smoothie, raisin toast)
School Lunch (turkey sandwich, yogurt, whole grain crackers, apple slices, cookie)
School Snack (pretzels, carrot sticks)
Dinner (beef pot roast, tossed salad, bread, apple crisp)

Breakfast (egg sandwiches, orange wedges)
Lunch (toasted turkey and cheese sandwiches with vegetable soup)
Dinner (pizza and Christmas movie night!)

Breakfast (baked oatmeal, mixed berries)
Dinner (sausage bean soup, bran muffins)

Breakfast (french toast, strawberries, turkey bacon)
Dinner (clay pot baked chicken, roasted red potatoes, steamed carrots, tossed salad, chocolate eclair dessert)

For the month of December I will be sharing a lot of holiday decorating, recipes and advent activities so stay tuned!

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